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DDU 10.7

This is one of my favorite upgrades for immersion, very good quality. Beautiful color and graphics. If you are looking for a great DDU this is the one for you, you will not be disappointed!!!

Just fantastic!

I own both of the DDUs that Sim Racing Addict makes and I love them both. Great quality and easy to use. Great addition to my rig!

Nice and fair product

Nice and fair product, works perfectly well. The smart 3 positions magnet mount is very useful when you change your steering wheel. Only one regret: the case is made of plastic 3D printer… it would have deserved a proper aluminium finish.

Great addition to your rig

Great addition to my rig. 10.7 6.8 inch. Really large screen. Plenty of led lights, bright screen.

1st class service for a 1st class product

I took delivery of the 6.8" DDU, mounted it to the front of my Simagic Alpha, fired up Simhub and got the display working using the profiles provided with minimal effort, it just works ! The display is stunning with good colour rendering and great resolution and blends nicely with my GT Neo wheel. Nothing to complain about and highly recommended.

DDU 10.5 Dash Display

Amazing work….

Excellent DDU at a Great Value

So far I'm incredibly impressed with the Sim Racing Addict DDU. It arrived quickly, was easy to set up, and was up and running with SimHub in minutes. The display is bright and easy to read, and the LEDs are great. For my application, the magnetic mount is one of the best parts, so I can stow the display when I'm using my screen for office/FPS gaming. All this, plus the cost was ~half of some similar units, this one is a winner.

Ddu 5” review

Absolutely love this ddu, never knew I needed one till I had one.
Awesome addition to the rig 🤟🏽

Great addition to sim experience

I have been using my phone as DDU for years now. And always though a dedicated DDU could not be much better.
How wrong was I!
After doing my research, watching reviews etc. I decided to take the plunge and buy the SRA 5”. I can honestly say it is one of best decisions I ever made. So much more immersive. Everything just works out of the box with Simhub. And the price!! Well it does everything that the more expensive ones do at half the price.
Very very pleased with my purchase. And Damian is always on hand to help out with any queries regarding settings etc!

First class product!

So happy with my dash. Such a professional bit of kit. The packaging and communication with the seller gives great confidence also. Thanks so much 🙏

DDU 10.5 Sim Racing 5'' Dash Display with LEDs
Mike M.
Absolute Bargain

I purchased the 10.5 5” Dash Display and the build quality is amazing and it looks fantastic. It brings so much more to my setup. Beautiful coloured LEDs and really simple to use.

I highly recommend this product and I’ll definitely be buying other products from you guys.

Thank you.

Replica Lumirank DID_V 20
Stuart M.
Great little screen

Just got my lumrank screen and wow it make the hole sim racing experience some much more real you know when there and slow cars and stopped car which helps a lot on iracing Havant tried yet on other sims but I know it will be just as good well worth the money thank you sim racing addict

Replica Lumirank DID_V 20
Awesome and usefull

Usefull in Race and Endurance. The Slow Car Ahead flag allow to predict the Yellow car when it trigger late in game (Iracing)
And on a funny side, it's really nice during night to keep you awake when something faster catch or something crash in front. Really great in endurance.

Blue Sim Racing Lap Timer v2

Simply Awesome :)
Quite usefull in practice and endurance race.

DDU 10.5 Sim Racing 5'' Dash Display with LEDs
Toby S.
Fantastic DDU

My 3rd product from SimRacingAddict and they never fail to disappoint. Superb build quality, second to none support with the profiles and documentation provided, as well as being fantastic to communicate with directly for any questions I've had in the past

Can't recommend the products enough, especially the DDU which is just such good value for what you get when you compare it to the more expensive branded products

Black Sim Racing Flag Gear Spotter Shift Light Display
Martin W.
Excellent product highly recommend SRA

Purchased this item and absolutely love it. The quality is excellent and it was super easy to set up. I can’t wait to add some more SRA gear to my rig.

DDU 10.7 Sim Racing 6.8'' Dash Display with LEDs
Brian A.
Awesome and easy set up

I have had this DDU for a little over a week and love it!!! It was easy to setup in SimHub and I have my favorite lovely display of working. Would recommend!

DDU6 brilliant

Orderd this to replace nextion type, the vocom type beats it hands down, easy to set up in simhub with spot on instructions provided, so happy!

Blue Sim Racing Lap Timer v2
Theunis v.L.

I am very happy with the flag, lap timer and DDU I received. I initially had a problem as I was unable to find shipping to my location however sim racing addict responded quickly over a weekend (respect) and addressed the issue. The instructions and quality of the gear is good and I am happy with my purchase ;-).

Black Sim Racing Flag Gear Spotter Shift Light Display
Andy B.
Flag display

Fantastic bit of kit, works as described and easy to setup, very well made and prompt delivery. Definitely recommend having the dark tint as the LEDs are super bright. Will happily recommend to anyone - no sim rig is completer without one of these from Sim Racing Addict!

P.s. may order another one soon….

Blue Sim Racing Lap Timer v2
Thomas R.
Well worth it!

Another great purchase to add to my rig for more immersion(already have the flag matrix through SRA).

Quality is great the RL stickers added allow for that realism feel. The sim hub dash and pop outs are well done and have tons of great information.

Thanks for the fast turnaround and shipping over to the US.

DDU 10.7 Sim Racing 6.8'' Dash Display with LEDs

Absolutely love my unit - super easy to set up with the instructions provided, very well made, screen is all you’ll ever need as well as nice bright LEDs.

With it being larger as well,, absolutely love that it is magnetic, so you can easily and quickly take it off to access any controls towards the bottom of the screen.

If you’re in the market for a well priced dash - this is a no brainier

Replica Lumirank DID_V 20
Donald P.
Additional Immersion

Awesome device, gives additional info & adds to my cockpit. AMAZING Customer Service! Highly recommend his products!

Blue Sim Racing Lap Timer
Alaa B.
Vbox Replica truly amazing!

For a portion of the price, get the replica of the Laptimer with all the great features you could want and need! Another show of true craftsmanship and love for this industry 🔥

Replica Lumirank DID_V 20
Alaa B.
Must needed kit for immersion junkies!

Between the Laptimer and Lumirank I honestly am starting to realize my best car is in my garage. Amazing work on a great replica and immersion is one step deeper.