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DDU 10.7 Sim Racing 6.8'' Dash Display

DDU 10.7 Sim Racing 6.8'' Dash Display

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28 Diffused RGB LEDs
Immerse yourself in the world of sim racing with 28 vibrant RGB LEDs that can be customized to replicate any car or your style preferences.

Gloss Black Gorilla Glass Front
The Gorilla Glass front not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures durability and longevity.

SINGLE USB A Connection
Main advantage of USB displays is that rendering is done by your CPU, if you love to push your GPU it to the limit, you will not spend any GPU power to render your dashboard!

Versatile USB Display
Featuring 6.8'' Display 800x480p, compatible with popular sim racing software like SimHUB, Z1 Dashboard, and JRT, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

Detachable USB C Port
90°USB C to USB A cable included.

Built in Power Switch
Easily accessible power switch at the back for quick on/off control.

Touch Screen
Also within SimHUB, you can assign buttons on your wheel or button box, to easily access multiple dash pages mid race.

Car specific layout
Utilize any dash found in SimHUB's DashStudio, or download additional layouts from Racedepartment.

Magnetic 3 position mount
Quickly swap between positions without any tools, or remove dash when not in use. (*The lowest position utilizes only 2 magnets)

Large Display
Over 90% increase in active display area over 5'' version. 
Overall dimentions of L x 19cm, H x 13cm, D x 2cm.
Works best with GT3 and Formula style whee

Cstomizable LED Profiles
SimHUB is required for LEDs, and a pre-configured LED profile for SimHUB is included. Profile can be easily modified to change each LED colour, how and where certain information is displayed.

Non Fanatec DDU Mounts

For Simucube mounts, please feel free send a picture of how your base is mounted to confirm compatibility. 
Since the same screws are used to hold DDU mount and base in place, there are front mounts that are not compatible (like HSR Xero Play - due to its countersunk screw sockets). DDU mount might also benefit from your existing washer being placed behind it for support. 
To see the exact mount you will get, check replacement mount listing.

LAST LED PROFILE UPDATE 04/MAR/2024 - Latest SimHUB 9.2 is required
  • Removed most ACC.CDS plugin dependencies all cars RPMS/Pitlane animations should work without the plugin
  • ACC - GT2 DLC Cars added
  • iRacing - Yoep de Ligt 19-01-24 Update
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Perfect Prcducts

Great product and works perfectly with Simhub. One thing I would say is that having the USB-C connector on the side of the case would be even more helpful for people like me who use small monitors.

David S.
DDU 10.7

This is one of my favorite upgrades for immersion, very good quality. Beautiful color and graphics. If you are looking for a great DDU this is the one for you, you will not be disappointed!!!

Raul V.
Just fantastic!

I own both of the DDUs that Sim Racing Addict makes and I love them both. Great quality and easy to use. Great addition to my rig!

Daniel L.
Great addition to your rig

Great addition to my rig. 10.7 6.8 inch. Really large screen. Plenty of led lights, bright screen.

Kevin L.
1st class service for a 1st class product

I took delivery of the 6.8" DDU, mounted it to the front of my Simagic Alpha, fired up Simhub and got the display working using the profiles provided with minimal effort, it just works ! The display is stunning with good colour rendering and great resolution and blends nicely with my GT Neo wheel. Nothing to complain about and highly recommended.

Brian A.
Awesome and easy set up

I have had this DDU for a little over a week and love it!!! It was easy to setup in SimHub and I have my favorite lovely display of working. Would recommend!