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DDU 6 Sim Racing 5'' Dash Display with LEDs

DDU 6 Sim Racing 5'' Dash Display with LEDs

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Complete assembled unit,
18 addressable RGB LEDs

LEDs and Display out of one USB port!!!

Main advantage of USB displays is that rendering is done by your CPU, if you love to push your GPU it to the limit, you will not spend any GPU power to render your dashboard!

Featuring 5'' Display 854x480p
Works with SimHUB, Z1 Dashboard and JRT.

Detachable USB Cable
USB A cable included.

Built in Power Switch
Easily accessible power switch at the back of the enclosure

Carbon Effect
Carbon vinyl wrapped front

Touch Screen
Also with SimHUB, you can bind buttons on your wheel or button box,
to access multiple dash pages mid race.

Multiple dash layouts
Use any dash layout found in SimHUB's DashStudio,
or download more from Racedepartment

Magnetic 3 position wheelbase mount of choice 
 Quickly swap between positions without any tools, or remove dash when not in use. (Fanatec base standoffs available as a separate listing)

Compact Size - L x16cm H x11cm W x3cm (including hood)


SimHUB is required for LEDs - LED profile for SimHUB included. Profile can be easily modified to change colours, how and where certain information is displayed.

 Non Fanatec DDU Mounts

For Simucube mounts, please feel free send a picture of how your base is mounted to confirm compatibility. 
Since the same screws are used to hold DDU mount and base in place,
there are mounts there that are not compatible (like HSR Xero Play - due to its
countersunk screw sockets). DDU mount might also need your existing washer to be placed behind it for support. 
To see the exact mount you will get, check replacement mount listing.






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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mark H.
DDU6 brilliant

Orderd this to replace nextion type, the vocom type beats it hands down, easy to set up in simhub with spot on instructions provided, so happy!

Alaa B.
3-D printing at its finest strikes again!

Love, Sim racing addict once more delivered on the DDU 6. Quality work, great customer service and amazing products.

Keith M.
great product

excellent service received in two day’s, very well made easy to fit looks great on my rig

Conrad H.

It's nice having this screen show me all my guages. Helps with the immersion on game play by not have all the essentials displayed on the screen. Very solid quality, great display. It has definitely improved the fun factor in sim racing.

jason c.

this is a very well thought out and designed display, using a micro usb would usually be a big downside, they are not very robust but here the risk is reduced massively with the connection being outside the housing.

the display used is vibrant and more than good enough, the leds are ridiculously bright and can be adjusted within simhub to any brightness you like.

the 3d printing is great quality, feels strong. when you look at what is on offer elsewhere its clear you get your moneys worth here, you will often pay more for a product without led integration and often even a smaller lower res screen but they are inside a metal housing, ill take the 3d printing, save some money and have this functionality thanks.